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Jahna Jacobson

Jahna Jacobson

Jahna Jacobson has spent nearly every waking hour of the last quarter century writing about Pensacola as both a journalist and a public relations professional. If you need to know where to go, what to eat, what to do, who will be there, she can tell you. She enjoys posting pictures of the Pensacola Beach all winter to annoy and recruit friends and family in her home state of Wisconsin.


Posted on Friday November 10, 2017
Jahna Jacobson

Somebody on your nice list loves Pensacola! Help them celebrate their favorite place on earth during the holidays. Instead of a generic gift card, give a gift that says you love Pensacola as much as they do! Here are some of the most Pensacola gifts coming out of Santa’s sandcastle workshop. Read More...

Miles Antique Mall

Posted on Friday March 31, 2017
Jahna Jacobson

People who aren’t into antique shopping don’t understand the urge to pick and browse while on vacation. “Isn’t it the same old stuff everywhere?” No! It’s not! Pensacola’s beach traditions, mobile military families and long history make our antiquing some of the best on the coast. Besides, a true hunter knows that no one store has the same treasures twice. So put on your walking shoes and get hunting! Read More...


Posted on Friday March 17, 2017
Jahna Jacobson

The Gulf Coast is known for seafood, but man cannot live by seafood alone. (Or so we’ve been told.) So, when your vacation party is crying out for pizza, these are the best local restaurants and pubs to feed your pizza people. Local flavors, crazy toppings, wood-fired traditions, you can find it all in Pensacola pizza! Read More...


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