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Robin Reshard

For four decades, Robin Reshard has advocated for and created content about African-American experience, history and development in the American visual and vocal conversation. Today, she does that as the creative director of Robert Robino Productions by developing projects for print, broadcast, art and person-to-person.

Passionate about her life’s purpose to connect people, information and ideas, Robin finds value in listening, talking, learning and growing. She continues to gain knowledge built from her graduate studies in community economic development. With a love of reading, laughing, and eating popcorn — Robin describes herself (at least for now) as a tall gadfly with normal shortcomings.

Posted on Monday March 27, 2017
Robin Reshard

Everyone deserves a luxury dining indulgence every now and then. Whatever the reason, you’re bound to find a fabulous restaurant that offers the perfect place for upscale dining to celebrate you, your family, your business or your vacation in Pensacola. Read More...

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