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Sara Daniel

Sara Daniel

Sara Daniel is a mom of two strong-willed, adventurous, inquisitive little girls who luckily like to go on vacation and stay in “condors” (what they call condominiums). At the ages of 7 and 3, they already prefer luxury accommodations, but they get what their parents can afford.

Her little family of four has traveled and enjoyed the beaches of the Southeast-the many hot spots of Pensacola Beach, Destin, and the 30A Highway. And, they explored several Southern cities that offer fun kid activities and fabulous cuisine (because her husband is a foodie and survives vacationing with three women by escaping and hunting for good eats).

Sara might be the only graduate of the University of Alabama who went there for the academics and top-ranked journalism school rather than the athletics. She’s a former broadcast journalist whose stories have aired on National Public Radio, CNN, and other national networks. Although no longer a reporter on-air, she’s a reporter at heart who writes, blogs, and finds complete joy in storytelling. She loves art, history, traveling, and occasionally exercising…when she has time.


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