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T.S. Strickland

T.S. Strickland

T.S. Strickland is a creature of the coast.

Born in Pensacola’s naval hospital, he spent the summers of his childhood sifting Sargassum weed by the Gulf of Mexico, searching for brilliantly camouflaged seahorses and shrimp. In the process, his heart became hopelessly interwoven with those amber-colored weeds.

As a member of the Muskogee Nation of Florida, T.S. has deep roots in Northwest Florida and retains a fierce love for this land of tall pines and white sand and those who call it home.

T.S. is a journalist by training and a storyteller at heart. His award-winning nonfiction has been featured in USA Today and publications from Florida to Connecticut.

When he is not slaving over a keyboard, though, you are likely to find T.S. strolling the beach at Gulf Islands National Seashore, slurping a bowl of pho in Brownsville or searching for treasure at the T&W Fleamarket, in West Pensacola.

If you see him, be sure to say hi. You can also email him or tweet him @TSStrickland1.


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