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Whitney Fike

Whitney Fike

Whitney Fike is a native to the Pensacola Bay Area. Adventuring new places are how her best days are spent. She can often be found enjoying the many treasures our beloved city holds. She loves listening to live music, enjoying delicious Gulf seafood, attending festivals and events and finding ways to give back.

Recently her husband, Adam, (with a little help from Whitney) finished remodeling a 91-year-old home in East Hill. Now you’ll find them running through the streets of East Hill. Together, they are always outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather by fishing in Pensacola Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, riding bikes, and now adding home renovations.

When she’s not wandering the white beaches or streets of downtown Pensacola, Whitney works behind the scenes as a public relations, social media and communications professional. She even has a crafty side as she is a modern quilter and always looking for inspiration.

Follow her journey on Instagram and Twitter at @sparkplugwhit.


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