Pics or it didn’t happen!

Vacation pictures are about making memories, sure. But they are mainly about making everyone you know jealous of your good time. (The age-old “Wish you were here!” just rubs it in when your workmates are in a cubicle and you’re off parasailing or drinking sunset cocktails.)

Now that you can inspire envy in real time, it’s vital that you have the most interesting, dramatic and unusual shots to share in your feeds, tweets and timelines.

Here’s a rundown of iconic photo ops for your best potential Pensacola profile pictures!

1. Pensacola Beach Ball Tower
You are going to get a lot of awesome beach pictures. With Pensacola’s sugar white sand and emerald waters it’s almost impossible to get a bad shot. But the must-have is the Pensacola Beach water tower, which is painted as a giant, festive beach ball. Have someone shoot you holding up the ball, leaning-tower-of-Pisa style, or selfie with that that bad boy straight up.

Pensacola Beach Ball
Photo by @uwfcheer 

2. Joe Patti’s Sign
Pensacola is a seafood town, and everyone – from lifelong locals to far-flung tourists – knows that Joe Patti’s is Pensacola’s place for seafood. The iconic waterfront market welcomes visitors with a sign that is part Viking ship, part Vegas with flashing lights and neon fish. A shot with the sign shows you’re in the know about Gulf Coast culture. It’s also a great place to get photos of local fisherman pulling into the docks with the catch of the day. (And, of course, to get a bag of spicy boiled-to-go shrimp.) 

Joe Patti Sign
Photo by @nashvillefaunaandflora

3. Blue Angel Cockpit at the Navy Museum
Only a lucky few get to fly with the Blue Angels, so fake it ‘til you make it. The National Naval Aviation Museum lets you climb into the cockpit of a Blue Angels plane and get the pictures to prove it. Of course, you can also pose in the pilot’s seat of many different vintage aircraft designated for exploration by kids and adults alike. Of course, the museum is more than planes. Get a shot in one of the immersive historic sets from a Pacific Island army base to WWII era downtown Pensacola to the moon landing. Stop for lunch in the Cubi Bar Café and picture yourself with some of the thousands of plaques, ranging from mild to truly wild dating from the Vietnam War through 1992.

okmachan at air museumPhoto by @okmachan 

4. Pensacola Lighthouse
Yes, you have to climb 177 steps for this ultimate beach view, but when you get to the top of the historic Pensacola Lighthouse and look out over miles of sand, waves and wooded shoreline it’s all worth it. Selfie that lighthouse from the bottom, top, inside and outside. Or get a selfie with one of the ghosts rumored to haunt the keeper’s quarters – special ghost photography equipment may be required.

Pensacola Lighthouse

5. Graffiti Bridge – 17th Avenue Train Trestle
If you’re looking for a shot that will only happen once in a lifetime, park near the Pensacola Visitors Information Center and walk down for a photo at Pensacola’s Graffiti Bridge. This colorful local landmark gets a whole new paint job every 12 to 24 hours! Current events, birthday wishes, holiday greetings, sports celebrations, issue awareness – Pensacola wears its heart on its bridge. You can even bring your own paint and create a custom background! But shoot quickly… Chances are another artist is right behind you, spray can in hand!

Grafitti Bridge
Photo by @jose477

Other great spots for mural shots the Blue Angels mural on the downtown Jefferson Street Parking Garage and the Brew Ha Ha vintage Pensacola postcard mural in East Hill.

What's your favorite photo spot?


Headline photo by @josteinsven