Photo by: @pensacola.landscapes

In an area so widely recognized for its beauty, Earth Day has become a time to reflect on our fortunes and to dedicate some to time to keep it beautiful. Below are a few ways to reconnect with nature on Earth day.


Sing along to the cacophony of bird songs

One of the best ways to begin Earth Day in Pensacola is a sunrise hike on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. As the sun breaks over the dunes, watch nature come to life. Listen to songs from the trees as orioles, towhees, indigo buntings and warblers greet the day. Watch as blue herons try to catch their breakfast as sea life bubbles to the surface. As one of the nations greatest parks, there is something to appreciate around every turn.


Namaste on the Beach

Nothing says one with nature quite like sunset yoga on the beach overlooking the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico. Running May through October, URA Yoga teaches sunset yoga on Sunday evenings at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach.

“Sharing and celebrating yoga on our beautiful beach is our passion, promoting health, body awareness and relaxation while on one of the world’s most serene beaches is our mission” owner Rebecca Sathre says. “The yoga classes we host at the Hilton are a wonderful way to connect with yourself, your breath and the beauty of nature on the Gulf Coast,” Sathre says.


In any given class, you might experience dolphins frolicking in the Gulf, a rainbow in the sky, Blue Angels flying above, seagulls, beautiful waves, calm waters, the spacious horizon, beautiful sunsets and the experience of people enjoying the beach.


Beneath the stars, is where we are

Above all, camping can be said to be one of the most intimate ways to connect with nature. Sleeping under the stars, away from the monotony of everyday life, one can truly admire the heart of the area. Just a hop, skip, and a jump East of the greater Pensacola area, you can find the Blackwater River State Forest. It offers a variety of camping activities for all preferences. There are bare campsites with sections for tents and a bathroom facility, all the way up to fully powered RV stations. Swimming in Bear Lake or Krul Lake is encouraged, as is fishing or canoeing.


If you enjoy the history behind an area, then the Fort Pickens campgrounds are where you want to be. Adjacent to the fort itself, you’ll be able to revisit the rich history of the civil war fortitude, and maybe even entertain a few ghost stories.


Into the deep

Going beneath the water's surface is one of the most methodic ways to connect with nature. Whether you’re diving deep, going for a snorkel or simply just a swim, the earth’s bounty is all around you.


The Gulf of Mexico off of Pensacola Beach offers warm water, rolling waves, and typically has at least one sandbar that allows for a quick break without ever leaving the water. Many people like to snorkel the jetty’s that are just past Portofino Island Resort. Many residents also frequent the other side of the Pensacola Beach strip, the sound side. It offers calmer waters for less-experienced swimmers, as well as interactive fun with boaters, beachgoers, and restaurant owners.

Earth Day Pensacola

Set to take place on Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Bayview Park, Earth Day Pensacola supports energy, transportation, and sustainability. Educational vendors will be on site discussing gardening, plants and water education as well as share riding, solar and wind energy, hybrid vehicles and so much more. There will be a designated kids activity area too. Food, music, and yoga are also part of the lineup.


Earth Day Pensacola is part of a larger effort with Earth Day Network which has developed ways for individuals, families, etc. to become engaged and involved at a national and international level to make an impact on helping to protect and save the Earth.

Have a favorite outdoor spot or activity that wasn’t on the list? Let us know in the comments below!