Riddle me this: what could be better than a one-stop shop for all the good things in life; namely: wine, olive oil and coffee?

Well, look no further than the gastronomic delight that is The Bodacious Brew and its companions on the corner of Palafox and Main Street in Downtown Pensacola. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shopping and dining experience with more magic and charisma than The Bodacious Brew, The Bodacious Olive, So Chopped and So Gourmet. I’ve decidedly appointed a Bodacious Experience due to the ease of which you can migrate from one delicious pick-me-up to the next with little effort thanks to the knowledgeable, passionate staff and sweeping design. This lovely place deserves nothing but praise and at least an hour or two of your time on an upcoming Saturday afternoon. Allow me to break it down for you.

The Bodacious Brew

This stylish and sweet coffee shop awakens the senses by offering everything but your standard drip coffee, including chemex, pour over, French press (my personal favorite), and syphon brew methods. What’s more, espresso and tea, fresh baked goods, and a delectable breakfast menu, which includes a life-changing Andouille sausage quiche, accompany the coffee selections.

The Bodacious Brew

The Bodacious Olive

If you want to impress your new boss or well-to-do neighbor, a basket of hand-picked and paired artisanal olive oil, infused balsamic vinegar and gourmet salt from The Bodacious Olive will have them singing your praises in no time. You can casually leave out the part where you noshed on fresh baked bread while sampling a sprawling assortment of vinegar and oils to construct the perfect pairing. As they say: it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. So Chopped

So Chopped

A few years ago I found the perfect salad at a “chopped salad” restaurant in far away New York City. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to report that you can now build your own flawless chopped salad just inside The Bodacious Olive by walking up to the counter and ordering all the good stuff at So Chopped. Each scrumptious forkful beholds a well-balanced, bite-sized portion of your carefully selected greens and toppings. For the less advanced salad enthusiast, the menu boasts a handful of tasty signature salads to choose from.

So Gourmet Kitchenry

But wait, there’s more! Head out the door and up the stairs on the other side of The Bodacious Brew to experience something along the lines of a carefully curated, locally owned Willams-Sonoma. So Gourmet offers beautiful cookware and stunning tabletop collections for purchase and Saturday wine tastings with a healthy wine selection to further your ever-growing Bodacious shopping bag. Even better, each day of the week offers a learning experience for the foodie in all of us, which includes lunch and dinner cooking classes as well as one-hour wine tasting classes. 11:00 a.m. on a Saturday is the magical hour when The Bodacious Brew is bustling with coffee aficionados, So Chopped is serving up lunch to the early lunch crowd, and wine is beginning to pour upstairs at So Gourmet. 

Do yourself a favor and spend a couple hours of an upcoming Saturday soaking up the Bodacious Experience on Palafox in downtown Pensacola – you won’t regret it. 

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By Sarah Bailey