Foo Foo Festival is much more than a conventional arts festival. One could say it is an anthropological festival, but that doesn't sound like much fun, and Foo Foo Festival is definitely a good time. The short definition of anthropology is "the science of humans and their works." The "works" is what the Foo Foo Festival is all about. It is a festival of everything from dance, music, theater, and visual arts, to the unique-to-Foo-Foo categories like artist talks and seminars, culinary, patriotic and sports.

To start, a couple of the unique presentations are this year's mesmerizing "Women and Fire" and the compelling "Science on The Streets" events. Fire, as a means of artistic expression, and entertaining explanations of scientific theory, demonstrated in easy to grasp, real-life, environments like Downtown Pensacola, are events that separate Foo Foo from typical art festivals. Both presentations offer surprisingly awe-inducing performances and ideas, and both are sure to be "must see" events at this year's festival.

The Blue Angels Homecoming Show will feature fighter pilots who use precise, reflexive and tactile skills to fascinate and wow the audience. Their precision air acrobatics are a celebration of our armed forces, technology and bravery.

Blue Angels

Foo Foo's unusual line-up of exhibitions ensures that you will always be entertained, educated and engaged. This year's musical performances feature a diverse and eclectic mix of symphonic expression. Pensacola's celebrated Symphony Orchestra performing with the Choral Society, "Back On The Block's Motown Madness Music Medley", Doc Severinsen, delivering a jazzy big band sound and the world-famous Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival—all just a tempting taste of the musical banquet offered throughout the days and nights of the Foo Foo Fest.

Food is always a big attraction at any Foo Foo Festival and this year's "Taste of Japan" and the annual Pensacola EggFest competition will attract foodies and visitors from across the Southeast. You don't need to be a gourmet chef to appreciate the dynamic mix of cuisines that have planted their gastronomical flag in Pensacola's flavor profile.

The visual arts, a mainstay of Foo Foo since its inception, includes the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, a traditional art show and competition that includes local and regional artists spanning the stylistic categories from representational to expressionism. These participating artists enjoy levels of notoriety from emerging to famous. "Cubed Luminous," a featured exhibition during the last four nights of the festival, includes the work of professional artists whose creativity will be projected onto the cubes' walls to beautifully combine the art and character of Downtown Pensacola. This is just another expression of Foo Foo's tradition of offering unique venues for artists, art and festival goers to communicate and interact.

cubed luminous

Christopher Durang's satiric take on the performances of Tennessee William's landmark plays, A Street Car Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie, is sure to be a comedic treat for audiences. The Skivvies features tasteful leaders Nick Cearley (All Shook Up, Little Shop of Horrors), playing the ukulele, melodica, and guitar, while his mischievous curly-headed partner Lauren Molina (Rock of Ages, Sweeney Todd), sings along to electric cello and kalimba. The Skivvies strip with no tease, yet not ignoring their sex appeal so much as turn it into an offhand joke.

This year's musical theater and performing art's roster includes some intriguing subject matter and performers, starting with a musical version of the Wright Brothers story. The transformation from bicycle repair to aeronautical engineering was longer and more arduous than most people realize. Their struggle and eventual triumph have all the emotional elements of a rousing musical presentation. Another performance that will appeal to artistic sensibilities of all ages will be the presentation of "See the Music, Hear the Dance." The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Pensacola have collaborated on an impressionistic piece featuring the music of French composers Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, joined by American composer, Michael Senturia. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion that will include PSO's Music Director Peter Rubardt, Ballet Pensacola's Artistic Director Richard Steinert and Mr. Senturia.

Like every Foo Foo Festival, there are so many exciting performances and presentations on this year's roster that we didn't have space to mention! Visit to learn more about all of the 2018 events and invite your family and friends downtown Pensacola for the 5th Annual Foo Foo Festival.