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Want to be the hero of any gathering? Bring doughnuts! Need a yummy breakfast or a snack on-the-go? Donuts are the answer.

Did you notice these treats are so popular they have two spellings? Whether you prefer ‘doughnuts’ or ‘donuts,’ the circle of fried dough has been having a moment in the food world recently. And why not? Who doesn’t love a good donut? These sweet treats hit the spot for most any occasion.

In Pensacola, bakery owners tempt your taste buds with a variety of donuts – from the traditional to the anything-but-conventional. Classic glazed and cake doughnuts share shelf space with designer concoctions in which the donut is merely a base for delicious toppings – and the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of their creators. Here are a few local favorites to try when you crave a circular sugar rush.

1. Maynard’s Donut Co.

An assortment of glazed and cake doughnuts, cream-filled and specialty donuts fill the case at Maynard’s in North Pensacola. Order a cup of the Hawaiian coffee served here to complement your sugary treat. The specialty donuts are especially fun, topped with candies, cookies, cereals, flavored glazes or other holiday-themed decorations. Fruity pebbles on a donut? They can do it. Maple bacon donuts? Yup! For a fair-inspired donut, Maynard’s served cotton candy atop a doughnut. Kolaches are available, too. For the uninitiated, these are smoked sausages (with or without cheddar or jalapeno) wrapped and baked in donut dough. Located at 875 E. Nine Mile Rd., Maynard’s was voted Pensacola’s best donut by Inweekly readers in its Best of the Coast poll for 2017 and 2018.


2. Le Dough

Pensacola locals have been buzzing about Le Dough since the donut truck first rolled onto the scene in 2017. Delivering orders and hosting pop-up sales around town have put the mobile bakery in high demand. Le Dough’s made-from-scratch pastries feature fresh fruit fillings and glazes, and many of the donuts are vegan-friendly. Matcha Do About Nothing and Mint Chocolate Chip are two flavors featured recently. Also on the menu, doughchos are a nachos-style treat with donut holes covered by innovative toppings. For something more savory, the Cheese-O is grilled Gouda pressed between two doughnut halves. Visit or follow Le Dough on Facebook or Instagram for regular announcements of specialty flavors and where the truck will pop up next. Catch them if you can!



3. In & Out Bakery

If you are anywhere near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Davis Highway, make a stop at In & Out Bakery.  The unassuming donut shop located at the end of a strip mall is no-nonsense. There are a few tables and chairs here if you decide to dine in, but like the name implies, it is easy to stop by, get your doughnuts and be on your way. With a selection of classic flavors like blueberry cake and strawberry glazed, as well as seasonal flavors and kolaches, you will have no trouble assembling a dozen or so to please a crowd. On a recent visit, four doughnuts only set us back $4. Visit early in the morning for the best selection. 8084 N. Davis Hwy.


4. J’s Bakery

Picking up doughnuts on the way to Pensacola Beach? Swing by J’s Bakery, with locations on 12th Ave. in the East Hill neighborhood in East Pensacola and on Hwy. 98 in Gulf Breeze. The bakery may be best known for custom cookies and cakes, but don’t miss their many breakfast pastry options. It is not unusual to find classic doughnut varieties here. Think glazed, cake and iced with sprinkles. Other creative treats at J’s have included colorful, tie-dyed doughnuts. That’s one way to start a groovy day!


With so many tempting doughnuts in Pensacola, the only difficult decision may be where – not whether -- to blow your diet. Have another favorite spot for donuts not mentioned here? Tell us in the comments!