You’ve seen those travel guides that say, “Tour (Insert random destination) on $30 a Day!”

Sounds great, huh? Well, that’s fine and dandy if you like scrounging bread from supermarkets, but not if you like a nice IPA on your travels — or are hauling the kids! We have so many wonderful restaurants in the Pensacola Bay Area, and there are plenty that offers flavorful fare without breaking your bank. Take a look at these fair-priced “fooderies” around Pensacola!


Pensacola Beach

Beautiful sugar-colored quartz sand and the gorgeous Gulf make Pensacola Beach one of the top-rated beaches in the nation. Sweeping waterside views are met with flavorful affordable seafood and noshy bites. Eat your hearts out!



The heart of downtown and its array of fabulous restaurants continue to lure foodies and fake foodies (like me) alike. While I can drop some coin on good food and appreciate fine dining, I honestly prefer a slice of pepperoni pie over a painstakingly prepared foie gras. And among all this finery, there are good eats to be had without breaking the bank

East Pensacola

If you want to see why we locals love to live here, explore East Pensacola. Just about every day, the Graffiti Bridge at the 17th Avenue Trestle gets a fresh coat of paint — messages of joy, love and hope from the folks who live here. It’s the gateway to an area with historic neighborhoods lined with live oak, quirky local eateries, antique shops and boutiques, bay bluffs, a bayou — and great swaths of parks and bike and walking paths.

There are plenty of good stops in East Hill, but I chose one stop for this piece — Tacos Mexicanos taco shack. Then you cross Bayou Texar into the epicenter of wonderful dining dives: East Pensacola Heights. All these spots are within a half-mile!

West Pensacola

It’s the heart of old Pensacola’s working community and the home of some famous diners. Great food at a great price is still the norm here.


Uptown Pensacola

Once a sleepy residential road, North Ninth Avenue has swelled with the growth of Pensacola. With Cordova Mall and corporate businesses at the center, there are plenty of dining delights here, restaurants and bistros not concerned with the lure of downtown. This is where the locals eat.

North Pensacola

Pensacola’s northern corridor, the Nine Mile Road area, connects the north Pensacola communities of Bellview, Beulah and Cantonment (inexplicably pronounced “Can-Tone-Ment” y’all). But you will find some seriously good eats and unique local flavors here — many of them tucked into little nooks dotting the bustling thoroughfare.

Perdido Key

The name means “Lost Key” and according to legend, around 1693, Spanish explorer Sigüenza’s fleet found a lost passage, located near the present-day Alabama-Florida state line, only after being helped by a local Native American chief. Having found the mysterious bay, they named it and the adjacent barrier island “Perdido,” which means “lost” or “hidden.”

Now luxurious condos pepper the pristine coastline, but the eateries that call Perdido home share a similar recipe: serve great food and treat guests like family.


Perdido Key Dining
Flora-Bama Lounge, Package and Oyster Bar

Flora-Bama Lounge & Package is a gulf front oyster bar, beach bar and Gulf Coast cultural landmark,

Flora-Bama Yacht Club

The Flora-Bama Yacht Club has become almost as legendary as the bar across the street. Guest and

Perdido Bay Golf and Lodging

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