Are you a Beach Bum? I just took the new Find Your Beach Vibe quiz and according to my results, I am a Beach Bum. This couldn’t possibly be more accurate. There is a reason why I live near the beach and have so for more nearly 15 years. In an age when we’re all anchored by technology, professional stress, personal anxiety, and at a loss for true privacy - is there anywhere more inviting than the beach to truly relax and cast off? The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves and the sight of the sunset… Ahhhh…. re-la-xa-tion. View of the beach Give me a beach chair, umbrella, sunscreen and a good book, and I can fly off the grid faster than you can spell the word ‘responsibility.’ Once my toes hit the sand, I don’t give a flip-flop about anything beyond the sound of the waves and what’s in my cooler. My relaxation skills are the envy of the beach. The slow, steady rhythm of the waves lapping onto the shore can knock me out faster than a Frisbee to the forehead. Does this sound like you too? Well here are a few recommendations from one Beach Bum to another: Gulf Islands National Seashore - My favorite place to sun, sleep and swim on Pensacola Beach is a secluded spot at the very tip of the island, just past Fort Pickens, inside the national park. There you’ll find a natural freshwater lake located just a few hundred feet from the Gulf of Mexico. All types of shorebirds flock and other wildlife flock to its sanctuary. It’s a perfect for nature watching from your chair. Plus, the national seashore provides endless opportunity for solitude and relaxation and miles of unobstructed views.  Bands on the Beach – There’s no need to even move from your beach spot! Just turn your chair 180 degrees from the water to the Gulfside Pavilion. Pensacola Beach’s popular outdoor summer concert series offers live local music and a spectacular beach sunset every Tuesday at 7 p.m. from April through October on Casino Beach. Bands on the Beach Red Fish Blue Fish – This local favorite is liked for its laid-back and child-friendly atmosphere, beautiful outdoor waterfront view... and did I mention that dogs are allowed? Your server will even bring you a bucket filled with ice water for your pooch! Walk in straight from the beach for lunch or head over for dinner and watch the sun melt away into the Santa Rosa Sound while snacking on their tropical fish tacos or shrimp and sausage creole. sitting at Red Fish Blue Fish Perdido Key - This laid-back barrier island offers wetlands, estuaries and wildlife and features several world-renowned parks, including Perdido Key State Park, Big Lagoon State Park and Johnson Beach. So set up near a dune, make yourself comfortable and watch for birds, dolphins and all sorts of other native wildlife that call the Key home. But just because I’m a Beach Bum doesn’t mean I don’t love some of what the other Beach Vibe types have to offer… Do any of these personalities sound like you?

  • Are you the first to sign up for paddleboard yoga and surf school when you hit the beach?

  • When headed to the beach, are the first three things you grab your scoop net, a giant sun hat and your SPF 4000 - because although you still enjoy exploring all the treasures the beach has to offer, tan lines are not your priority?

  • Do your daytime beach activities involve a chartered boat ride followed with drinks by the pool?


Well guess what! You don’t have to guess – take the quiz yourself! Go to, find out what kind of beach personality you are and then get a customized list of activities and recommendations to experience in the Pensacola Bay Area! And remember, your beach personality may change day by day, depending on your mood. So feel free to come back and take the quiz as much as you’d like. There are endless things to do and places to see here.