Here in the Pensacola Bay Area, if you want it, there's probably a food truck for it. We've got everything from homemade ice cream and street tacos to lumpia. Some have their own daily spot, while others are a bit more elusive, which makes it all the more rewarding when you do find them! Below is my guide to my favorite food trucks, where to find them, and what to order once you do.

1. Nomadic Eats

At Nomadic Eats, nothing is as it seems. When you hear "street tacos," you probably don't expect traditional Filipino adobo pork. Nor would you expect to see Mexican chorizo sausage playing a starring role in lumpia. All of the dishes take traditional Latin American and Southeast Asian flavors and switch them up a bit, creating a unique and delicious experience. The adobo pork taco is awesome, as is the Mexican chorizo lumpia served with a mango chutney sauce. They also have a chicken verde eggroll and a variety of coconut rice bowls that are sure to please just about any palate. You can find Nomadic Eats in the parking lot of City Hall Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Nomadic Eats

2. Mimi's Crepes

If you have a sweet tooth, but your traveling buddy does not, Mimi's Crepes is here to make you both very happy. Now, my friends, these are not like the crepes you find at IHOP. A French chef owns Mimi’s straight from Paris, so these are as authentic as they get. Typically, you will find the truck on Saturdays at Palafox Market and most festivals and special events around town. Start off with a chicken pesto crepe and then finish with a Nutella banana crepe. Lunch and dessert in one spot? Yes, please!

3. Two Birds Street Food

Two Birds takes local ingredients and gives them a unique (and affordable) spin. If you are looking for a quick snack, the shrimp empanadas are only $2.50 and feature fresh gulf shrimp, laurel bay rice and aged cheddar. They even have a dollar menu, limited to their spicy cured beef salami sticks. Their flatbreads are all $4 and range in flavors from jalapeno cheddarwurst to Korean chili-roasted pork. Stay tuned to their social media channels to see what their daily specials are, which have included things like a smoked pork chili relleno burrito in the past. Two Birds is Nomadic Eats' neighbor in the Pensacola City Hall parking lot and has the same 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. time slot.

4. Trolley Stop Ice Cream Shoppe

One of my favorite food trucks in Pensacola is a little bit harder to find. This one doesn't have a regular spot, but if you are lucky enough to attend an event where the Trolley Stop Ice Cream Shoppe is present, you are in for a real treat (pun intended). This adorable, converted trolley car serves some of the most amazing homemade ice cream I've ever had. Their ice cream also makes a perfect foundation for their shakes, splits, floats and sundaes. I've sampled several of their flavors, but the fresh peach is to die for.

ice cream truck

5. Z Taco

I. Love. Z Taco. Located in Al Fresco - Fresh Air Dining in Downtown Pensacola on the corner of Main and Palafox streets, it is one of four permanent airstreams each serving their own genre of food. Z Taco uses fresh ingredients and a variety of sauces varying in the level of heat, which is perfect for wimps like me who don't like anything too spicy. My favorite tacos at Z are Pacos Tacos, an awesome fried mahi mahi creation, and the Z Taco, which features slow roasted pork carnitas with their house-made queso. Basically, Z Taco serves heaven in a tortilla. And if you’re not craving tacos, there are three other airstreams right next door serving everything from BBQ to Asian-fusion. Al Fresco truly offers something for everyone!


These are my favorite food trucks, but we want to know what yours are! Tell us in the comments!