Wieners. Frankfurters. Red hots. Coneys.

Whatever you call them, there is a certain satisfaction in picking up a soft white bun, biting into the crisp casing, and feeling the warm burst of savory juices in your mouth. Whether a hot dog is best with just mustard and relish, or if you want to pile it high with toppings like chili, pineapple, macaroni and cheese or even KETCHUP – well, that’s up to your particular taste.

In Pensacola, there are several options for hot dog lovers – from restaurants where the domestic sausage takes center stage to eateries where the hot dog lover can get his fix while the rest of his party dines on less interesting fare.

Here are some of the best hot dog options available in the Pensacola area:


+ Dog House Deli, two locations: 30 S Palafox St., in downtown Pensacola, and 35 Via De Luna Dr., on Pensacola Beach

The original downtown Dog House Deli opened in 1977, while the Pensacola Beach locale was added in 2009.

“The Dog House is a favorite of families, young and old,” said Nathan Holler, owner of the deli. “I feel like the older generation stays with a safe bet, like the Chicago Dog, which has been a favorite for years, where the younger crowd is a little more adventurous going for a dog they can’t get anywhere else, like the Flying Hawaiian.”

The Chicago Dog includes onions, sweet relish, tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow mustard, celery Seed and sport peppers, while the Flying Hawaiian features BBQ sauce, pineapple, bacon, green onions and Sriracha sauce.

The Dog House Deli also offers dogs for diners with more specialized tastes, including a vegan sausage and a veggie dog, according to Haller. Although the deli specializes in hot dogs, it also offers fried mullet baskets, po’boys, smoked bacon burgers and more.


+ Wacked Out Weiner, 6675 Pine Forest Rd., Suite 5, Pensacola

Retired U.S. Marine Kevin Richardson opened the Wacked Out Weiner in late 2018.

“I absolutely love hot dogs. There are so many ways you can top them. Hot dogs are a very fun food,” Richardson said. “We have over 40 toppings to choose from ranging from our homemade chili and Cole slaw to a wide variety of relishes and cheeses. You can top your hot dog or sausage any way you like with unlimited toppings or choose one of our wacky specialty dogs such as the Wacky Macky, Ragin’ Cajun, or even the Backyard Dog, to name a few.”

The Wacky Macky is the most popular of all the wacked out wieners, he said, served with macaroni and cheese, twice -cooked bacon, and Sweet Baby Ray's Bar-be-cue sauce.

“Who would've ever thought of topping a hot dog with macaroni and cheese?” Richardson asked, rhetorically. “The flavor combination of the Wacky Macky is simply irresistible!”

In addition to hot dogs, the Wacked Out Weiner offers nachos (also with unlimited toppings), Frito pies and sharable soft-baked pretzels.


+ Sammy Barker's American Street Food, 875 E Nine Mile Rd., Pensacola

At Sammy Barker’s American Street Food, inspiration for the eatery’s line of “coneys” comes from the original hot dog destination, Coney Island, New York.

“The Original Coney and Memphis Dog are our top two selling hot dogs,” said owner Joel Jacobs. “The Original Coney is topped with our house-made Coney sauce, sharp cheddar cheese, chopped onion, spicy brown mustard and celery salt. The Memphis Dog is a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog with sharp cheddar cheese, house made Memphis BBQ sauce, pickles, Cole slaw and green onion.”

Sammy Barker’s American Street Food also offers a vegan hot dog that can be substituted in place of a meat dog.  Besides the line of hot dogs, its “street food” offerings include tacos, burgers and shakes.


+ Perdido Key Sports Bar, 13583 Perdido Key Dr., Pensacola

If you’re cruising around the Perdido area and find yourself craving a hot dog, pull into the Perdido Key Sports Bar. The menu there includes one of the most trusted names in all of wienerdom. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Sliders plate comes with two all-beef Nathan’s wieners. You can get them with cheese and/or chili if you’re feeling adventurous.

According to the restaurant’s website, hot dogs were always part of the vision for the eatery. It also offers hot wings, fried seafood baskets, seafood tacos and more.


+ New Yorker Deli and Pizzeria, 3001 E Cervantes, Pensacola

With a name that includes the term “New Yorker” this eatery pretty much HAS to have a dependable hot dog dish on its menu, and it doesn’t disappoint.  The Jumbo Kosher Dog comes plain, with kraut or with chili and cheese.

But New Yorker Deli and Pizzeria’s menu is very diverse, ranging from traditional cold sandwiches like the club to spaghetti plates and other pasta dishes, as well as a selection of authentic New York pizzas, calzones and strombolis.