Pensacola, known for beautiful sugar-what sand beaches and a rich history, just got news of a discovery hidden under the waters of Pensacola Bay. The archaeologist from UWF announced they discovered a third ship from the Luna fleet that brought Don Tristan de Luna and fleet to Pensacola in 1559. 

UWF Diver - underwater I call Pensacola home, and that's why I love telling others about my hometown. The history is reason enough to explore the shorelines of our coastal town. 

In Pensacola, you can explore historic forts, explore the Colonial Archaeological Trail, take a tour of Historic Pensacola, climb to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse, visit the National Naval Aviation Museum and learn about the history of Naval Aviation and so much more.

Just take a look at what others are discovering every day as they explore Pensacola.


More on the discovery:

Photo Credit: UWF Division of Anthropology and Archaeology/Florida Public Archaeology Network