Pensacola Beach certainly has its fair share of restaurants and bars that cater specifically to visitors, but Paradise Inn Bar & Grill is a mixed breed that satisfies locals, visitors, and day trippers alike. It has all the Florida charm one could ever hope for in a beach side bar, with drinks and food priced for the average Joe; plus, a whole lot of personality. Upon entering the parking lot for the Paradise Inn, it’s apparent you’ve arrived at a place that has made its mark on the Pensacola Beach scene. From the sunshine carved sign at the street to the dollar bills stapled to the ceiling of the bar and private beach at the back, no restaurant perfects that old Florida feel quite like this place. Paradise Inn For a low-key afternoon, boat, bike or walk over to Paradise Inn for reasonably priced beer and an order of Renee’s Shrimp Salad. Don’t hesitate to come alone or with a crew, as the bartenders and regulars love to strike up conversation with a new face. The hours will pass by quickly as the crowd picks up, and if you’re still there around 6:00 p.m., you might as well stay for the Bar’s near nightly live music. So if you’re looking for good food and great company on an upcoming trip to Pensacola Beach, take it from me – you just can’t skip out on Paradise Inn Bar & Grill. Paradise Bar & Grill is located at 21 Via De Luna Drive on Pensacola Beach. Discover more dining options in the Pensacola Bay Area in Dining and Nightlife.

By Sarah Bailey