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It’s peak wedding season and that means parties! For most people, weddings are one of the only times that the entire family has an opportunity to get together. Whether you’re planning a welcome dinner, a bachelorette party or something the whole group can get in on, I promise we have options for you. And let me be clear, I’m a lady that loves drinking beers, watching baseball and I can bait a hook just as good as my dad, so these are just suggestions, I won’t judge your hubby-to-be if he enjoys painting and wine tastings because let’s be real, I’ve gotten my boyfriend to do both.

For the Ladies

For a party of two or a party of 10, we have options. Whether you’re looking to unwind from wedding stress with a massage or chat with your girlfriends while getting your nails done, a spa day is perfect to make you feel your best for your special event. Click here for a list of spas in our area.  For anyone in the mood to create, grab your favorite sip and a snack and book an evening with Painting with a Twist. Painting with a Twist offers classes and private parties for you to enjoy. Not an artist? That’s okay! The paintings are easy step-by-step guides; you’ll be amazed at how artistic you can be. And if you’re just in the mood to drink and gab, try Swan Neck Winery & Mead.  New to Pensacola, this winery specializes in natural and organic wines and meads. Mead is a honey-based wine and man is it tasty! The winery offers daily tastings, and on Sunday’s it’s ladies only!

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Painting with a twist

For the Gentlemen

Looking for manly activities that aren’t just bar hopping? My brother-in-law opted for a fishing charter with his buddies and he loved it. Nothing is manlier than sipping whiskey and hauling in huge fish all day. For something a little more relaxed, catch a Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball game. If you want to step things up a notch, you can play the MLB drinking game. Please drink responsibly and if you can’t, arrange alternate transportation. Finally, opt for a tour of Pensacola Bay Brewery. Located in Seville Square, the micro-brewery offers tasty craft brews and a quaint dog-friendly porch to sip them from.


For All Parties

Have you ever had a full wedding party bar crawl? Let me just tell you, EPIC. Doing Irish car bombs with your future father-in-law, being sang to sitting on the piano with your betrothed in Rosie O-Grady’s or playing ski-ball at the local bar-cade with your soon to be family is something you don’t want to miss. If you’re feeling daring, try Escape on Palafox. Escape on Palafox is a fun challenging real-life adventure. You and your party will be locked in a room with one goal in mind – to escape. Your team will be challenged with puzzles, codes and riddles in order to do so. It’s a great trip for bonding and seeing everyone’s true colors when they’re put to the test. For the thrill seekers of the group, arrange a day at Adventures Unlimited. My whole family and I booked the zip lining tour and it was probably one of the most fun things we've ever done together. My mom especially isn’t one for extremities and she couldn’t stop smiling all day. The park also offers tubing and canoeing trips, teambuilding activities and several lodging options.

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Have a favorite wedding party activity that we forgot? Tell us in the comments!