Six more weeks of winter, ugh is probably what you’re thinking, right? Well ugh no more, we sat down with Phil himself to figure out how he fights the cold. Get the how-to below.

Step 1. Get to Florida

Most people don’t realize that Phil has a tunnel that connects Gobblers Knob, the hill he resides in, to Pensacola. How else do you think he “survives” six more weeks of winter almost every year? Since the late 1880’s when Phil first began predicting the weather, he’s predicted an extra six weeks of winter over 100 times in comparison to the 18 times he said that winter would be short. Somewhere early on, he realized he wanted his vacation destination all to himself for just a few more weeks. Coincidence? I think not. 

Downtown Aerial


Step 2. Dig your toes in the sand

Once you’ve made it to the sunshine state, it’s important to enter vacation mode. Phil’s first stop is typically the sugar white sand beaches. People passing by have notably scene him sunbathing, building sandcastles, paddle boarding and heckling the pelicans (we DO NOT advise.) For a full list of how to enjoy the beach this winter, click here.

Beach view


Step 3. Get a cold drink in your hand

Specifically, a bushwhacker, Pensacola’s signature drink. For those that haven’t had the pleasure to indulge just yet, it’s like a frosty with Kahlua. If you’re not into the creamy goodness, try a Diesel Fuel or the 23-Star Salute. They all uniquely pack a punch that you’re sure to remember. For a full list of Pensacola must-try cocktails, click here.

Jackson's Cocktail


Step 4. Head to Downtown

After Phil gets sunburned, he typically heads over to Downtown Pensacola. A source told us his favorite activity is to be an extra in the Historic Pensacola live action history demonstrations. He said that he prefers laundry day to candle making because the wax gets stuck in his fur. When he’s not in the historic village, you can find him scurrying in and out of art museums, to shows at the Saenger Theatre and his favorite vegan restaurant, End of the Line Café. For a complete list of Downtown Pensacola happenings, click here.

Historic Pensacola Village open house


Step 5. Head Outside

When Phil isn’t paddle boarding or doing laundry in the village, he’s busy hiking, biking and doing anything else the Pensacola outdoors offers. When the weather is warm you can find him diving in the Gulf of Mexico and on special occasions he’ll be zip lining. For a full list of outdoor activities in the Pensacola Bay Area, click here.

Have something you’re interested in in the Pensacola Bay Area that we didn’t mention? Comment below and we’ll be sure to help you plan your winter getaway!