Pumpkin spice? Pumpkin belongs in pies. Keep it out of my coffee and far away from my beer.

I know, I know…  In today’s society, that’s sacrilege! Truth be told, I simply prefer a straight-up cup of joe. Is that really so weird?
For this blog, I’ve been tasked to write about some of my favorite coffee spots in town… It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Believe it or not, I’ve been caffeinated at ALL of these places. I’ll take their word on the specialty drinks. I’m only there for the beans!

Downtown Pensacola

Let’s start with the coffee hub itself – Downtown Pensacola. The bustling street of Palafox is home to four coffee shops alone with another four in just a short walking distance. On the menu at most places and what we’re told is now a Pensacola signature, is the honey latte. To us locals, it’s been a long-standing delicious treat that’s slightly less sweet than its neighboring sugar cousins. From secret gardens to balconies, there are plenty of places to grab your favorite beverage or try something new with a great view.

East Hill

Noted as the locals’ part of town, East Hill is an old historical district that includes local residences and charming shops. Two main clusters of businesses include along historic 12th avenue and over on Scenic Highway. While coffee is the draw at these three coffee shops, freshly squeezed juices, fabulous lunch options, and unique baked goods await you on the menu.  

Uptown Pensacola: The Shopping Hub of Pensacola

Who’s ready to go shopping? Uptown Pensacola is where Pensacola goes to shop and work. Both the mall and the airport call uptown home and subsequently there are two great coffee and dining spots to caffeinate your day. George Bistro + Bar is by far one of my favorites restaurants in town boasting an incredible short rib mac and cheese for brunch and seasonal coffee drinks. The Leisure Club is quirky with neon chairs, a stellar brunch and lunch menu, and a drive-through for those on the go.  

North Pensacola: Nature, Education, & Industry

North Pensacola is home to the University of West Florida, several local neighborhoods, shops, and local dining spots. The Coffee Guy on Davis Highway is one of my favorite places to stop in if I’m looking for something really out of the box. From a coconut crème pie latte to a French toast frozen drink and everything in between it’s perfect for a decadent treat. Bon Beans Coffee prides itself on fair trade coffee, organic options, and great service. We love this place specifically because it has large comfy sofas and games perfect for late-night hangs.

West Pensacola

Fueled by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the National Naval Aviation Museum, West Pensacola is a blend of old Pensacola, dive restaurants, nature, and true flavor. Newest to the scene, Easy Going Gallery is offering local art, soda, records for sale, live music, and craft coffee. If you’re looking for something on the go, Drowsy Poet has several locations throughout Pensacola including small drive through kiosks.   

Pensacola Beach

Last but certainly not least, is Pensacola Beach. There's nothing like grabbing a coffee to go and going for a walk on the white sand beaches of Pensacola. Both Neomaya and Cafe Bistro offers a full-service espresso bar and both have surprising interesting menus if you're looking to grab a seat and nosh for a bit. 

Have a favorite coffee spot in Pensacola that we forgot? Tell us below! Happy caffeinating!