Admit you. You probably don’t remember what your Great Aunt Myrtle gave you for Christmas last year. Or, even worse, you might not even remember what the “toy of the year” was that put a smile on your child’s face last Christmas. I’m not too proud-I’ll admit it. I don’t remember either. And, when I go into our kids’ playroom and see the toys they’ve opened over the past Christmases collecting dust, it makes me a little sad and longing for something new…for my kids, myself, my family. I want a gift this year will be far more valuable than the latest kid craze or IPAD. I want a gift that will provide me with smiles and memories—the things that money can’t buy. I also want relaxation this year. The thought of the whole Christmas cycle of rushing to buy, cooking, cleaning, decorating, and rushing around some more has me screaming, “Calgon, take me away…to a beautiful, relaxing place with water and warm sand, great food, and a short drive.” I’m not alone. And, I already know where I’m going: Pensacola Beach. It’s my happy place. We all have them, don’t we? We went to Pensacola Beach for Fall Break with our kids, and we had the best experiences. I saw my daughter on a surfboard for the first time, and we kayaked in the sound at sunset for the first time. We ate the most fabulous shrimp and grits at the Grand Marlin as well as the down-home famous “forklift” sandwich: grouper with melted cheese and peppers at Peg Leg Pete’s. You can have the same. Think about not having to cook on Christmas Eve and having dinner at Jackson’s. Walk down Palafox Street to shop and see the lights, watch Santa parachute onto the beach and sing Christmas carols with the kids (or take part in a dozen other fun, holiday events). Let someone else make your bed whether you stay at a quaint bed and breakfast or at the beach. Build a snowman out of sand, bike around the island that is Pensacola Beach. Capture the smiles and invest in something you’ll have forever: great memories, stories, and pictures. If you’re ready to trade in the holiday stuffing and being stuffed around the dining room table at Grandma’s house but need just an extra nudge, keep reading:
  • Booking a vacation to Pensacola Beach is easy. It takes the click of a mouse to access great vacation deals and book your stay.
  • Pensacola Beach is warm and inexpensive. Two must-haves on any of my holiday travel lists. You’ll have extra money to still do some gifts!
  • Make it easy and tailor any gift giving to your vacation: beach towels, boogie boards, sunglasses, bathing suits, and flip-flops.
  • If you need further prodding, use the holidays for collection restoration at a time when you probably need it most in a most beautiful setting!
Written by Sara Daniel, mom-blogger who looks for all things easy, inexpensive, and fun for her family. Christmas #27 by Kevin Dooley, on Flickr