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Posted on Thursday January 05, 2017
Whitney Fike

Enjoying Mardi Gras in Pensacola consists of seeing parades, krewes, beads, feathers, costumes, music, king cakes, masquerades, balls, coronations and plenty of merrymaking all together. We’ve got kings and queens and plenty of Krewe royalty roaming the streets and participating in parades. Read More...

Posted on Wednesday May 04, 2016
Brady Hale

I’m hearing a lot about lionfish lately. It is interesting to me that a fish so beautiful can be causing so much havoc on our ocean and reefs here in Pensacola. Did you know that Pensacola is the Lionfish Capital of the World – and not in a good way! We’ve earned that title because of the high lionfish density on our reefs and the lead we have taken to do something about them. Read More...

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