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U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Memorial Placement Ceremony

May 17, 2019
  • Location: Veterans Memorial Park and Wall South
  • 200 S. 10th Ave.
  • Pensacola, FL 32052
  • 8 phone
  • Time: 6:45 PM


Veterans Memorial Park (VMP) Foundation of Pensacola will host a memorial ceremony for Marine aircrews and other military service members who died in the line of duty while serving with Marine Corps Aviation units. The ceremony will include the completion and unveiling of phase two of the Bell Tower, with the installation of 107 newly inscribed granite plaques on the Bell Tower’s baseplate. The individual plaques bear the names of those who fell in each designated tragic mishap, signifying the tremendous sacrifices made in defense of our nation, and defining this as a permanent place of honor and remembrance.