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Fall into Festival Season in Pensacola

Visiting a coastal city in the fall months is a tenured traveler’s best-kept secret. With a light breeze in the air, immaculate sunsets and an eclectic mix of seasonal cuisines and cocktails, Pensacola is sure to capture a piece of your heart this season.

Tempt Your Taste Buds

Buttery, smoky oysters, wood-fired locally caught lionfish and what’s that? A fried green tomato topped with crab meat, bacon and a shallot-champagne vinaigrette?

BBQ Shrimp at Fisherman's Corner

Do we have you drooling yet? Pensacola’s cuisine has a mind of its own, combining New Orleans Creole flavors with a southern twisted gulf side experience. Our cuisine is so important to us that we dedicate a whole festival season to it and you’re invited!

Find your flavor below

Taste of the Beach

Seafood Festival

Greek Festival

Pensacola Beach Art & Wine Festival

Craft your Culture

Listen as the hum of guitars harmonize with the gulf waves; Watch as ballerinas float across the stage, light as feathers; Try your hand at colonial crafts as blacksmiths weld and glassblowers mold the art of the future.

Great Gulf Coast Art Festival

With over 450 years of rich history, Pensacola is certain to put on a show when it comes to the vast cultural scene. With over 200 featured artists at the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival and hundreds of internationally acclaimed songwriters at the Pensacola Beach and Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festivals, you won’t want to miss these nationally acclaimed events.

Follow the music below

Pensacola Beach Songwriter’s Festival

Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival

Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival

Purely Pensacola

Bask in the glow of seasonal artistic colors, get your hat knocked off as a U.S. Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 Hornet whizzes past you at nearly 700 mph and munch on as many festival fares as your belly can hold.

Blue Angels

Pensacola is no stranger to signature events, but perhaps the most eclectic is Foo Foo Festival. Spanning 12 days, Foo Foo showcases Pensacola’s finest affairs from the thrilling U.S. Navy Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show, to the tender and juicy barbecue of Pensacola EggFest to all things creative in-between. We invite you to come experience Pensacola without limits.

Discover what Pensacola is made of below

Foo Foo Festival

Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show