Adventure Travel: Can it live up to the hype?

By: Sarah Peter

These days, do you feel like you hear the word “adventure” wherever you go? REI, AirBNB, even Amazon and Apple News. I just recently saw a Conde Nast Traveler headline: The Women Owning Adventure Travel Right Now.

What is all this talk about “Adventure Travel” and why is it important?

Kayaking at Big Lagoon State Park

One recent study shows that at least 66% of the entire US population can be considered an adventure traveler. People want to get outside. Play. Try new things. Travelers that have an adventure mindset transcend age and demographic. They seek out “off-the-grid” spots. Research shows this visitor prefers cooler weather – Spring, Fall and Winter – and will go the extra mile to discover local culture and outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, trekking, fishing, paddleboarding, diving, etc. Does this sound like a good fit for Pensacola? It should. Because it is.

The adventure traveler is a perfect match for outdoor, playful destinations where size is trumped by local culture and accessible adventure. 

I’m Sarah Peter and my team and I have been studying the adventure trend over the last decade. We’ve watched as what started as eco-tourism (remember “green travel?”) went a little more extreme and has recently turned the corner into bite-sized, every-day discoveries. Adventure for real people. I’m excited to talk about this wave; how it plays a role in local communities; and is an opportunity for balanced growth for the entire Northwest Florida region. Please come join in the conversation during National Tourism Week.

About the Author

Sarah Peter is lead strategist and owner of no luggage. Sarah built no luggage after working at several award-winning advertising agencies in the South. She noticed that small to medium-sized clients weren’t getting the strategic and creative attention they deserved. So in 2002, she created no luggage - a shop with no wasted overhead or overblown teams charging high rates or wasting valuable time. Ten years ago, while concentrating on research, strategy and trend spotting; Sarah created a new mission for no luggage – make people’s lives better. Design solutions that help people. The no luggage teams use empathetic research methods to identify this connection and multifaceted creative talent to build more relationships around those solutions. She is currently on the forefront of the adventure traveler movement and can be found hiking, kayaking or playing outside with her family.