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Tourism Works for Pensacola

The tourism industry is a funny one, isn’t it? On the one hand we’re having the time of our lives creating fun, memorable experiences for our guests on vacation. Most people think of front line staff with smiles on their faces checking guests into hotels or serving lunch on our white sand beaches. And on the other hand many of our residents and stakeholders are not familiar how tourism impacts our community other long lines and traffic.

Tourism Works

Beginning in March, you’ll begin to see the launch of a new effort, “Tourism Works for Pensacola,” an awareness initiative developed to showcase how tourism positively affects our community. We will focus on five key messages that you will hear about in the coming months:

  • Jobs and Wages
  • Tax Revenue
  • Quality of Place
  • Marketing
  • Visitor Spending

As the Pensacola Bay Area continues to welcome record number of guests, everyone benefits. The revenues collected play a critical role in the development of programs on which all Escambia County residents rely and enjoy. These messages will help to tell our story and will reiterate just how important tourism is to our community. As the campaign develops, we’d like to ask you to help share. Should you have any questions, please contact Director of Marketing and Communications Nicole Stacey, at