The Pensacola Experience, A New Creative Concept

Research clearly shows the Pensacola Bay Area can be many different things depending on who you talk with. That said, first and foremost, we offer travelers a beautiful beach destination – sugar-white sand and emerald waters – with a relaxed, easy-going air. But we’re more than just a pretty face, and those who’ve spent time in our museums, exploring our trails, and strolling down our streets know this. The beach truly is just the beginning.

Pensacola Experience

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To best share that, we will invite travelers to experience our variety of options. We’ve identified six broad categories to help capture the local experience and create the connection potential visitors seek.

Advertising materials and original content will relate back to these experience categories, which can be explored from landing pages on the Visit Pensacola site. Because no single digital ad, video or print ad can appeal to all of our demographic groups, multiple assets will be created to connect what’s most important about the beach experiences to each group.