Join The Faces of Escambia County - 1821 and 2021: Volunteers wanted!

Honor the 1821 community and celebrate our rich and diverse heritage by reflecting our modern community by participating in a web-based interactive mosaic of faces.

So far, researchers with the West Florida Genealogical Society have identified more than 2,000 individuals who were here when Florida passed from Spain to the United States. These were more than just names; every person had a rich life and history. By honoring a member of the 1821 community, you are participating in this celebration of our rich and diverse Florida heritage.

Fill out the form at and upload your photo to represent a member of the 1821 Pensacola community (use an uncluttered background, clearly showing face and shoulders, no hats please, and names optional.

Calling All Bar & Restaurant Owners/Operators: Participation Wanted!

We're excited to celebrate Escambia County's Bicentennial on July 17, 2021. Leading up to the big day, we're looking for bars and restaurants in the community to place the historic 23-Star Salute cocktail on your menus to celebrate and raise awareness with the below recipe and set price of $10.25. If you'd like to participate, please email Why do it? It's fun! And a way to come together as a community as we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Florida's transfer from Spain to the United States.

For more information on the event, visit