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Key Findings to Know About Recent Travel Sentiment 

By Showcase Pensacola 

 America’s anxiety about the pandemic—from both a financial and health impact perspective — continues to decline. A record 39.3% of Americans feel the situation will get better in the next month. 

This translates to travel.  

A recent Destination Analysts travel sentiment report shows that perceptions of travel and leisure activities as unsafe has fallen to an average of 46.2% —a record low since the start of the pandemic. About 60% of American travelers feel at least somewhat confident they can travel safely in the current environment.   

Here are some other interesting stats regarding recent travel sentiment:   

  • Almost 13% of American travelers surveyed said they took a trip for the long Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend—double what was reported for Memorial Day weekend in the early pandemic period, and a similar rate to Labor Day weekend, which followed the summer coronavirus case surge. 

  • Vaccines continue to keep optimism up among a majority of American travelers. Nearly 6-in-10 travelers say COVID-19 vaccines make them more optimistic about life returning to normal in the next six months and 52.9% say it makes them more optimistic about the ability to travel safely in that same time.  

  • This week, 54.0% of American travelers report that they have a friend or relative who has received the vaccine. Seeing people we know get vaccinated against COVID-19 clearly benefits travel sentiment. Those who know others who have already been vaccinated are even more optimistic about their travel future and have begun planning travel for 2021. 

  • Right now, 80.2% of Americans have plans for one or more upcoming trips this year, with July still looking like the peak travel month. The majority of American travelers still anticipate their next air trip to be after June. 

  • Advertising plays a key role in inspiring more travel. This week, 55.8% report being highly open to travel inspiration. Well over a quarter of all American travelers —and over 35% of those Millennial age or younger —say that an advertisement has specifically motivated them to travel to a destination. In fact, 38.9% say the last travel destination ad they saw made them feel “happy” or “very happy.”  

The platform that American travelers feel most receptive to travel advertising varies by age — but websites, social media (particularly Facebook), broadcast television, streaming television, and email are common. 

How Americans perceive travel within their own communities is also critical to understanding the travel industry’s recovery. More and more people are feeling comfortable going out for leisure activities where they live. In addition, a larger proportion of Americans continue to say they would be happy to see their community advertised for tourism, particularly those living in urban areas. 

SOURCE: Destination Analysts Travel Sentiment Report, 02/19/21. 

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