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Bay Bluffs Preserve


Comprised of red clay, the Bay Bluffs are a unique geological feature in Florida. Walkways and rest areas provide relatively easy walking access, parking and a magnificent view of Escambia Bay.

Interesting Facts:

  • The bluffs overlooking Escambia Bay are unique to Pensacola in Florida.
  • Don Tristan DeLuna, arriving in Pensacola Bay in 1559, noted the presence of a red bluff as a point for his anchorage.
  • As far back as the 1750’s, abundant clay deposits in these highly-eroded bluffs provided the raw material for brickyards along the route. Some of the bricks were used to build Fort Pickens.
  • In 1992, archeologists found the wreck of a 16th-century galleon in shallow water just off the bluffs.

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