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Gulf Adventure Center


The Hummingbird Ziplines are an unforgettable, high-adventure experience. Consisting of seven towers and six ziplines over the length of one mile, the Hummingbird Zipline course takes you as high as 90 feet off the ground. The height provides a great vantage point for taking in spectacular views of the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters found only at Gulf State Park.

Each group of participants is accompanied by two thoroughly trained and knowledgeable guides, one to send you onto the line and one to receive you as you zip onto the next tower. The six run course was professionally designed as a mile-long loop from tower to tower, which ends where your adventure began.

Zip At Night!Hummingbird Ziplines is now offering sunset and nighttime zipline trips. Each tower is illuminated by off-the-grid solar panels, offering a thrilling experience as you zip across the darkness to the lighted platforms on each tower.Ê

Paddle Board and Kayak rentals. Lake Shelby offers the idea setting for a paddle board or kayak adventure with clear, calm waters and warm weather for most of the year.



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