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Historic Forts and Sites

Here in Pensacola, we are lucky to have our own monuments to days gone past – actual structures that have witnessed the progress of history and changes in American culture.

The truth is, with over 450 years of history to lean on, naturally, Pensacola offers endless grounds to explore and stories to experience around the city that is the site of our nation’s very first settlement.

Visitors to Pensacola can explore the ruins of ancient wars at historic forts, walk in the footsteps of settlers and soldiers long past at historic sites, and stir up the occasional ghost at the lighthouse. 

That’s why millions of people are drawn here every year to delve into our city’s vast and complicated history. There’s something about touring old military forts and historic homes that speak to us as humans. Sometimes, when we learn how our ancestors lived and survived, we learn something about ourselves too.

Here are a few must-see historical sites in the Pensacola area:


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