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Mandy Fernandez

Mandy Fernandez

Mandy Fernandez is a full-time writer, editor a published author living in Pensacola, Florida with her husband and two children. She writes creatively and professionally on health, business, education, creative arts, family life, parenting and natural foods. Mandy loves sharing humorous stories, poetry and essays about womanhood and motherhood. She is the editor of Gulf Coast Healthy Living magazine. Her first children's book, Kazoo Makes The Team, was released in 2016. You can learn more about her at 

downtown pensacola

Posted on Friday July 20, 2018
Mandy Fernandez

Neighborhood Alert 🚨 When you visit, you quickly see why it is named one of the best small cities in the U.S. and has Oscar-winning charm. Downtown is that favorite movie you replay again. Once you view and visit it once, you must repeat. Read More...


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