In 1559 Tristan de Luna established the first multi-year settlement in what is now the continental United States. After just two years the colony was abandoned due to a hurricane. The Spanish would return in the late 17th century to set up a new settlement. Since then Pensacola has been explored by many, which created the diverse city we now enjoy.

Today Pensacola is waiting for you to discover it. With so much history, it makes the perfect destination for an educational field trip. Just take a look at the fun learning opportunities others have discovered when visiting the Pensacola Bay Area.

Historic Forts

Discover the historic forts in Pensacola. Visitors will enjoy exploring Fort Pickens and Fort Barrancas.


Explore a Lighthouse Built in 1859

Climb to the top of a lighthouse built in 1859. The 177 steps lead to breathtaking views of Pensacola Bay and the surrounding area.


Hands-on Science Fun at the M.E.S.S Hall

At the M.E.S.S Hall your kids will get to interact with science. Your kids will have a blast as they conduct actual experiments learning about science and engineering.


Feed your students' Passion for Aviation

Make plans for your kids to immerse themselves in a learning adventure on board the world's largest simulated aircraft carrier. Participants will live six days in a them-park style setting surrounded by technology, simulators, and virtual reality games.


Discover the World's Largest Naval Aviation Museum

Kids young and old will enjoy exploring nearly 350,000 square feet of the rich history of Naval Aviation.


A 19th-century History Lesson

Ever wonder what it was like living in the early 19th century? Discover Historic Pensacola Village and learn what colonial life was like in the 19th century.