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Visit Pensacola Calendar of Event Submissions

Thank you for submitting to our calendar of events. Please fill out the following submission form. Please keep in mind this is not a community or business calendar, but a calendar of events for our out-of-town visitors. The Pensacola Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau will consider each proposed listing but can only include those that are appealing to visitors traveling to the Pensacola Bay Area.

Guidelines to consider before submitting your event:

  1. The event must be of interest to our out-of-town visitors
  2. Calendar of Events items are reserved for special events, not reoccurring daily or weekly events
  3. All entries must be open to the general public
  4. Auditions, classes, workshops, attraction tours, church services and camps will be included in rare, select cases
  5. Events may not be commercial in nature; if you are a partner and want to list a daily special or tour, please upload to your listings page or our coupons page
  6. Fund-raisers may not be listed, unless the entertainment or dining experience is such that people will come from out of town to attend
  7. Events taking place outside of the Pensacola Bay Area will be considered on a case-by-case basis

All information submitted on this form will be used to help publish your event on our calendar page. Any personal information submitted will be subject to our privacy policy.