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Condor Sailing Adventures


This is no ordinary sailboat! Join us for a fun, relaxing experience of a lifetime, aboard our incredible, world-class 40 ft. Condor racing trimaran, Dare II. Where No leaning = No seasickness. And rare: one of only 21 Condor trimarans in the world.

Unique, fun family adventures to romantic sunset cruises. Stretch out on the two roomy side-decks in super-comfy sport-seats and watch for dolphins and sealife, or just dangle your feet in the water and feel the warm breeze...

Kids have a blast because there is tons of room for them to safely explore -- plus Dare II looks like something out of Star Wars!

No more than 6 guests means you sail is ALWAYS uncrowded! Our stable, smooth, safe Condor is perfect for kids of all ages -- from 2 to 92!

PRICE:Ê Daily, Two-Hour Cruises just $85 per person; kids 12 and under are $25 off. Daily Two-Hour Cruises at 11am, 2pm, andÊ Sunset Cruise. Also, Blue Angels Practice Cruises,Ê and Half-Day cruises. Plus memorable weddings!

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  • August 26, 2016 - August 31, 2017

KIDS 12 AND UNDER get $25 off! (Regularly $85 a person) This offer includes our 11am and 2pm Two-Hour Cruises, Blue Angel Practice Cruises, and our 2-Hour Sunset Cruise. Call today to book your fun, relaxing, experience of a lifetime on our rare, world-class 40 ft. Condor racing trimaran, Dare II. Where No leaning =… Read More...