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From the Publisher The Pensacola News Journal has a scope beyond that of the printed page. It is one of the last great shared experiences. It is a close as it gets to binding the community together. And access to this community experience is as easy as picking up the phone and having it delivered right to your doorstep. News Journal readers may see the physical product of our daily efforts, but you may not think about what a difference we make in your lives. Investigative news reporting can bring awareness to and educate our communities. Did you know that the number of children physically and sexually abused in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties is three times the national average? Child abuse is a very difficult issue for anyone to deal with. Recently, News Journal reporters spent five months researching and writing about child abuse in our area and the burgeoning efforts to create the Gulf Coast Kid's House for the investigation and prevention of abuse. The series titled "1in 25" tells the story of children who are abused in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Catherine Gallagher, vice president of the Kid's House board of directors, said 66 people sent in membership forms along with contributions totaling $4,174. Another 46 people said they would like to volunteer. The residents were responding to the News Journal's weeklong series. Our stories on health issues can affect the lives of people in Northwest Florida. Continuing coverage of the needs of area blood centers has helped to save the lives of many who otherwise would have wanted for blood at a crucial time. News Journal readers can keep up with the blood center needs by checking the daily blood supply situation report, "Blood Supply,'' which runs daily on page 4C. It provides a quick evaluation of the need, letting donors know just how badly they are needed on any given day. It's a good reminder that can help save lives, but what is really needed is regular donations of blood, that vital fluid our hospitals need to keep patients alive. The need for blood is always there, which is why it is so important to recruit donors and raise awareness to the need for them. Someone responding to an article in the News Journal may be donating blood to help you or one of your loved ones. The Pensacola News Journal in Education is a program dedicated to helping teachers and administrators provide a quality education to students in Northwest Florida. We develop partnerships with businesses and individuals who are committed to providing the resources necessary for a student's successful mastery of curriculum and concepts that will carry them through life. Throughout the school year, the Pensacola News Journal's education program provides teachers and students with close to 400,000 pieces of supplemental curriculum that can be used to enhance learning and master skills tested through forms like FCAT and the HSCT. With the decline in educational funding, we realize that teachers and administrators are often not able to provide for the cost of materials necessary to enhance standard curriculum, so the Pensacola News Journal dedicates resources and staff time to fund-raisers and sponsorship solicitation. Ask your children if they read the News Journal in their classrooms. Their newspaper was most likely provided through the Pensacola News Journal in Education program. The Gannett Foundation serves those communities in which Gannett Co., Inc., has a local daily newspaper, broadcast station or cable TV operation. The program makes contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations to improve the education, health and advancement of the people who live in Gannett communities. The contributions are our way of helping to improve the quality of life and addressing the most pressing community issues. Since becoming a Gannett property in 1969, the Pensacola News Journal has disbursed more than $3 million dollars to hundreds of local non-profit organizations. Recently, we awarded $66,250 to local groups, including The Emerald Coast Classic Foundation, Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, United Way of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, and others. Chances are you and your family have enjoyed experiencing these events, or benefited from funds raised by these local organizations. Our annual Ornament Drive is a fundraising activity of our Lend-A-Hand Fund, a non-profit fund of the newspaper to support the Share the Spirit program and other charitable efforts. Share the Spirit is an annual project of the Pensacola News Journal during the Holiday season. The project reaches out to hundreds of needy individuals and families providing new Christmas gifts as well as other needs of the family such as medication, car repairs, furniture, food and financial assistance. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the News Journal profiles daily needy families in our community that have been screened by local social workers. The public is encouraged to 'adopt' a family or family member. Many of the families profiled are low-income wage earners, families dealing with traumatic situations from abuse to terminal illnesses. They may be your neighbors, coworkers, or even your own family. Consider the many lives that would be affected if there were no major newspaper in this city: Informed citizens would suffer from the lack of in- depth coverage of major issues and daily news stories. Consumers would spend more money without the benefit of our many coupons. Retailers and their employees would face a shaky economic future without the advantages of our advertising power. The following information will help you learn more about how the News Journal makes a difference in your communities, and how you can join the News Journal in making that difference. We are in partnership with the readers we serve, and we want to help you get your message to all of our readers. Please feel free to offer your suggestions to improve the News Journal. After all, the News Journal is your community newspaper. Denise Ivey Publisher Pensacola News Journal Main Office 101 East Romana Street Pensacola, FL 32501 850-435-8500 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM weekdays Mailing Address Pensacola News Journal P.O. Box 12710 Pensacola, FL 32574 Milton Office 6423 Highway 90 Milton, FL 32570 850-623-0162

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