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Plaza Ferdinand


Plaza Ferdinand, a park with a very rich and colorful history, is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Named for King Ferdinand VII of Spain (reign 1813-1833), the land that is now the Plaza was originally given by the Spanish throne to Don Manuel Gonzalez for his services as a farmer, rancher, businessman, military advisor, and political representative of Spain. Gonzalez would later donate the land to the City of Pensacola.

In its early days, the Plaza was used as a parade ground for the British fort. The Plaza was also the center of town life during the Colonial era.

The cession of Florida to the United States from Spain occurred at the Plaza on July 17, 1821. It was here that Andrew Jackson was sworn in as first Territorial Governor in the Plaza. A bust of Jackson now stands at the spot where he was inaugurated.

An obelisk monument stands at the center of the Plaza in memory of William D. Chipley, who was instrumental in bringing the L & N Railroad to Pensacola and points west. 

A fountain thought to be a replica of one in Seville, Spain was placed on the site in 1909 after local citizens and school children raised funds to pay for it.

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