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Seville Savories Food Tour Inc


Our Tours Learn the complete culinary history of America’s oldest settlement while strolling through historic downtown Pensacola. You will experience abundant and diverse flavors from specially selected destinations of Pensacola’s colorful restaurants ranging from traditional foods to nouvelle cuisine. Are you ready for the flavor-bombs? The Palafox-Trot Come hungry. This is where the fun begins. You will visit (5/7) restaurants and eat food that is diverse and eclectic, just like Pensacola. Along the way you will learn what people ate throughout the entire history of Pensacola, beginning with the native indigenous population 1,000 years ago. You will find out what the earliest Spanish settlers brought with them, as well as what people ate through every occupation of Pensacola through English, French, Confederate, and as a city of the United States. This is a lunchtime tour. Seville Stroll Our dinnertime tour. This is an evening in old Seville. You will be tasting greatness from five of downtown’s destination dining spots. Most of the historical tour is the same as the Palafox-Trot with some different historical info on the area around Seville Square park. Private Tour Groups Please book your group for office parties, rehearsal dinners, Sunday School get togethers, or just for a night out with friends. Our private group tours are going to be a memorable and flavorful experience while enjoying the company of family, friends, and co-workers. Contact us.

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