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St. John's Cemetery


Established in 1876, St. John's Cemetery is one of Pensacola's most historic cemeteries and is still in use today. On April 3, 1876, the masons of Escambia Lodge, No. 15, F.&A.M. voted to establish St. John's Cemetery as Pensacola's second public cemetery. The circumstances and background for its creation reflect the diverse nature of community and the town's development. The site of Pensacola today was not established until 1756, when the Spanish, who had been living on Santa Rosa Island, decided to settle here. A destructive hurricane had prompted the move. The western end of the site was marked with an excellent freshwater stream (modern-day Spring Street). The northern end was bound by a swamp which went from modern day Garden Street to Wright Street. The eastern end was also bound by a swamp (modern day Aragon Court) and a stream that flowed into the bay, which bound the entire southern end of the town. Old maps indicate that the first burying ground was located just west of Spring Street--in the area now occupied by the M.C. Blanchard Judicial Center toward modern-day DeVilliers Street. British military commander General Henry Bouquet in 1765 was the most famous person ever interned in the Old Pensacola Burying Ground, which may have been about 3 acres.

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