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Brooke Fleming

Brooke Fleming

Born and raised in the Pensacola Bay Area, Brooke loves to sing the praises of her hometown. Though she has lived here most of her life, she loves the fact that there is still so much to learn about this lovely town. There's always a new dish to try, a new historical fact to uncover and a new adventure waiting around every corner. Brooke has always had a deep love of the performing arts and can often be found on the stages of the Pensacola Little Theatre and the Saenger Theatre.

If you need recommendations on coffee, arts and culture, or the best bread pudding in town (or any dessert, for that matter), she is your girl.

Follow along with her Pensacola adventures on Twitter (@brookefleming) and Instagram (@brookeafleming)!

George Artisan Mocha

Posted on Friday January 13, 2017
Brooke Fleming

It's time to expand your culinary horizon, and there is no better place to do that than in the Pensacola Bay Area. What better way to recharge you batteries than to spend an entire weekend focused solely on good food? I've even put together an itinerary for you, so no excuses! Read More...


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