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Lindsey Steck

Lindsey Steck

"It's not about my story, it's about yours"

Lindsey Steck is a marketing associate for Visit Pensacola. A Pensacola native, Steck enjoys hosting dinner parties, traveling as much as she can and NFL football. She moved away for a brief period following college and soon returned after realizing why people vacation and retire to the coast. On the weekends you'll find her scouring the closest market with a fresh bouquet of flowers in her arms and a macaron in hand.

To keep up with her local journeys, follow @check_steck

Belmont DeVilliers

Posted on Wednesday January 03, 2018
Lindsey Steck

Over the past 450 years, Pensacola has had a wave of African American settlers that have helped define its historic footprint. We're excited to celebrate them and all of the current community representatives spearheading dynamic life-changing conversations. This is Visit Local Pensacola: The Modern African American Experience. Read More...


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