Education advocates across the globe have always stressed the importance of arts and culture in the school system. There have been multiple studies that suggest that art makes us, and our children, more creative, productive, and aware. It’s important to enjoy art and explore new ideas, so why not go to an art museum today?

Pensacola Museum of Art

Located inside the old Pensacola city jail, the Pensacola Museum of Art has been fascinating minds young and old with their ever changing exhibits. Serving nearly 100,000 guests year round, the Pensacola Museum of Art also offers a broad range of educational and cultural programs for the community. The museum’s permanent collection includes art by Pablo Picasso, Leonard Baskin, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dale, Alexander Calder, and so much more.

Quayside Art Gallery

The Quayside Art Gallery is the largest co-op gallery in the Southeast. The works on display are an array of different mediums like glass, fiber, oil, mixed media, and many more. This gallery is free to the public and is staffed entirely by volunteers. The next time you travel downtown, be sure to put this destination on your list.

Mainline Art House

Founded in 2013, the Mainline Art House is a commercial gallery that serves the modern Pensacolian. It features only local artists from the Pensacola Bay Area and seeks to connect them with art collectors.

Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts

Located on the Pensacola State College campus, this art center offers a variety of artistic visual stimulation. Exhibits by students, faculty, and staff of the Pensacola State College, the exhibit is truly something magical. The exhibit is, unfortunately, only open at certain times of the year. Keep updated on when the exhibit opens by checking out our event calendar.

Miles Antique Mall

With 65,000 square feet of space, you should devote an entire day to exploring every corner of this Pensacola treasure. Miles Antique Mall features local art, jewelry, custom woodwork, vintage collectibles, and so much more.


A small art gallery in downtown, Atchison’s Gallery promotes local artists in a unique historic setting.

First City Art Center 

This art center has been called “The Little Art Center that Could” since 1999. It allows artists of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, to experiment with the visual arts. It encourages art creation and experimentation with glass blowing, pottery, visual arts, and music.

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By Sarah Patton