By Jon Sutton

Even if you’ve never been fishing in your life, you’ll surely understand how much fun the sport is when you walk by someone reeling in a big fish caught in Pensacola’s inshore waters. But fishing isn’t just a fun activity, it actually provides a wealth of health benefits too. So, grab your rod and get out on the water – it’s good for your mind and body.

Five of the most notable benefits provided by fishing include:

1. Fishing helps to lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a pretty common and serious health problem, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks and severe internal organ damage. Fortunately, spending time in the natural world – such as by fishing for a few hours – can help reduce your blood pressure. In fact, you’ll likely enjoy a reduction in blood pressure for several hours after calling it a day.

fishing boat

2. Fishing helps to boost your immune system.

If you are to fight off the various colds and flus floating around in any given year, you’ll want your immune system to be operating at peak efficiency. Fortunately, you can help support your immune system by simply getting some exposure to unfiltered sunlight. One of the best ways to do this is by hanging out on the Pensacola shoreline, soaking up the Florida sunshine. Just be sure that you practice good sun-safety, and apply an appropriate sunscreen, when hanging out on our beaches and piers.

3. Fish is a nutritious protein source.

While catch-and-release fishing has risen in popularity over the last few decades, and it is always important to treat local fish populations with respect, there is nothing wrong with taking the occasional fish home for the dinner table. Fish are a healthy, lean and delicious protein, and many of the local species – particularly king mackerel – are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


4. Fishing helps you heal more quickly.

Researchers and doctors have long known that people heal more quickly when they are provided access to a view of nature, and you’ll get exactly that when you head out to fish in one of Pensacola’s beautiful beaches. And whether you prefer fishing from the shore or with the help of an inshore charter service, the view will be spectacular in either case.

5. Fishing is great for your lungs.

Respiratory illnesses are becoming more and more common in the modern world, as the air in cities and metropolitan areas is getting more polluted every year. But, thanks to the constant ocean breeze buffeting Pensacola’s shores, you can enjoy breath after breath of fresh, clean air while spending the day fishing on the local beaches or piers. This will provide your lungs with a well-deserved break from the polluted urban air that surrounds most metropolitan areas.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the health benefits provided by fishing, check out Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive review of the subject. There, you’ll not only learn more about the benefits explained above but several others, including a few that are quite surprising. But in the meantime, get on out there and get a line in the water – you’ll be healthier for it.