Scattered around Pensacola are oversized, 400-pounds, funky-colored pelicans, awaiting to be discovered by you. It could take you hours to locate them all; there are about 70 of them strewn everywhere around town. Some are more hidden than others and attempts to track them down via google maps will definitely help. These feathered friends are about five-feet tall and flaunt some serious attitudes as they front businesses and soar above street corners. The flock of pelicans has provided visitors with many photo opps as well as the opportunity to experience and appreciate unique outdoor art. Pensacola’s local paper, the Pensacola News Journal, sponsored the outdoor art project, called Pelicans in Paradise, in 2004. The pelican is an appropriate mascot for the series of unique sculptures because hundreds of them live daily in and around Pensacola Bay. My personal favorites are The Godfeather, Pelvis the Elvis Bird and Peli-Queen Elizabeak. The Queen is the most precious pelican to me because she’s located INSIDE one of my favorite stores, Trinity Collection, which handcrafts some of the most magnificent religious and fine jewelry in the world. So, you can kill two birds with one stone when you go to Trinity (Eeek! Probably not best saying in a bird blog, but you know what I mean). Snap a photo of the fancy Queen Elizabeak and pick up a fabulous jewelry souvenir. Quite possibly the most visited and widely viewed of the pelicans are the five that rest at the busy intersection of Palafox and Garden Streets. These Pelicans proudly represent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, fitting for such a military town. If you can’t find all 70 pelicans on your first visit, you’ll just have to plan a repeat trip. The good news is they won’t be flying away anytime soon so you’ll have plenty of time to hunt them down. ‘Spotted your favorite sassy pelican around town? Have a seriously good-looking selfie with one of the birds? Share and comment below! Featured in the photo isThe Godfeather and Pelvis the Elvis Bird (photo credit to: Pensacola News Journal)