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East Pensacola

Local Eats, Arts and Parks Rule


Eat gourmet pizza in the basement of a converted early-20th-century hospital, shop for upscale home décor, get a burger at some of the city’s oldest diners or check out the water view from a boardwalk high on the bluffs – it’s all just minutes from historic Downtown Pensacola and beaches in East Pensacola.

East Hill, Old East Hill and East Pensacola Heights are some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. In fact, Don Tristan de Luna’s 1559 settlement is found along the waterfront in this area, establishing Pensacola as America’s First Settlement. 

Hugging the shorelines on both sides of Bayou Texar, the east side of town includes these destination neighborhoods for dining, shopping or taking your dog to the beach on the bayou. Some of the area’s oldest communities are a walkable mix of tropical bungalows, locally-owned shops and parks every few blocks.

My Favorite Things

These neighborhoods are home to some of Pensacola’s most iconic dining spots. Generations of locals have gathered at Jerry’s Drive-In for burgers and milkshakes. Politics may as well be on the menu next to Nassau grits at The Coffee Cup. The promise of a smiley face cookie from J’s Pastry has kept decades worth of children on their best behavior.

New Yorker Deli, Georgio’s and O’Zone all offer their unique takes on pizza, the latter from the basement of the imposing former Pensacola Hospital, the first Catholic hospital in Florida. Cactus Flower is the neighborhood go-to for Mexican, Horizen for sushi, City Grocery for BBQ and sandwiches, End of the Line Café for vegan dishes and the recently opened Habana Jack’s for Cuban cuisine.

The New Yorker Deli, My Favorite Things and The Vineyard, also at the former Pensacola Hospital, all offer outdoor seating to enjoy Pensacola’s beautiful weather year-round. 

The Vineyard in East Pensacola

East Pensacola neighbors also spend a lot of time in local parks, which are plentiful and peppered throughout the communities. Bayview Park in East Hill offers tennis, a jogging path, kayak rentals, fishing, boat launch, dog parks and even a dog beach for adventurous canines!

Drive through East Pensacola Heights and you’ll find yourself on the aptly named Scenic Highway, which offers look-out style stops at Chimney Park and Bay Bluffs Park with boardwalks that will take you along the waterfront bluffs as they wind through the Florida wilds. 

Fishing and boating are also available near the 17th Avenue Trestle, known as the landmark Graffiti Bridge. Or cast a line from the Pensacola Fishing Pier near the Visitor  Center at the foot of the Three Mile Bridge (aka Pensacola Bay Bridge.)

Closer to downtown in Old East Hill, you’ll find an antique mecca at Toad Hall and Jackson Hill Antiques and a blend of old and new for home and garden at the expansive Duh shop and warehouse. Ciao Bella, Aqua and SoBo round out a day of shopping with clothing, jewelry, home accessories and more.

History, parks, eats and arts—it’s the way East Pensacola lives every day. Sit down with the locals and see why these neighborhoods are a big part of what makes Pensacola a great place to visit.


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